The on-farm potato production experiment has started in collaboration with MUKI Investment in Nyandarua county

The Africa-ai-Japan Project has been supporting the Potato Value Chain project that aims to improve economic situations of the stakeholders while improving the contribution of potatoes in human nutrition and health. The improving yield and quality of potato in small-scale farmer fields is a key aspect of the project and the use of 3 key tools namely “quality seed potato”, “optimum fertilizer”, and “optimum agrochemicals” have been identified to achieve the goals.

In collaboration with a large agricultural cooperative in Nyandarua county (MUKI Investment, Ndunyu Njeru, Nyandarua), the team has commenced on-farm field trials in two locations within the region. The study will evaluate the potential of the 3 key tools to improve yield and quality of potatoes while also evaluating their economic benefits. The sites will also be used as demonstration fields where neighboring farmers will be visiting the sites to observe and learn the tools.

This work is also supported by Fujita Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) which has already begun the use of a cold storage to support the local potato farmers to improve their income within the same area. JKUAT, JICA, Fujita, and MUKI Investment will work together to bring various research proven technologies to the field through on-site trials and demonstrations in the near future.

JKUAT staffs and JICA expert working on precise potato planting for the experiment
Application of optimum fertilizers prior to potato planting