The Innovation Centre for Computing and Technological Solutions (iCCATS) endeavours to undertake research and come up with innovations needed to spur development to individuals, government agencies and corporate bodies, so as to make them agents of change in improving their professional competence in the use of ICT across their respective disciplines

It focuses on building capacity and enhancing research and innovation in order to boost the development of the ICT sector. It is envisaged that the Centre will have the additional spinoff of helping to improve delivery of services in other sectors like health, agriculture, and engineering.  iCCATS will strive to foster ICT Innovations by developing and testing new ICT products and approaches and disseminating the same to relevant stakeholders.


  1. Conduct research and develop interactive and intelligent applications.
  2. Conduct research on appropriate Software Engineering methodologies and tools and develop appropriate applications.
  3. Conduct research on Internet of Things and contextaware computing.
  4. Conduct research and develop data driven applications and innovations.
  5. Conduct research on secure and reliable systems and communication Networks and develop solutions.
  6. Mobilize resources for sustainable development.
  7. Support other sub task forces in data management and visualization