Innovation Prototyping Integrated Centre (iPIC) building is the Administrative building of the JKUAT Engineering Workshops that also houses modern laboratories that are well equipped along with conference halls and an Innovations’ Exhibition space built with the assistance of JICA through the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project. These laboratories facilitate learning for PAUSTI and JKUAT students in their practical work which involves but not limited to their final year projects.  It is also of great importance in Research activities undertaken by JKUAT staff members and students as well as PAUSTI staff members and students.
iPIC building is open to all within the University for usage depending on the nature of activity one wants to undertake.
For a preview of the facilities within the building, kindly click this link below: 

Below is a video of Engineering Innovation Process that takes place at iPIC:


If you need to use any of the available facilities at iPIC which include the Exhibition Hall, the Instruction Room or the Board Room, kindly download this form: Facility Usage Requisition Form. Please fill the form appropriately in triplicate and submit it to the Engineering Workshops, Manager’s Office adhering to the requirements indicated in the Form.