iCCATs Innovation Research Projects funded by AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project 2017-2022



JFY 2022/2023


 An Intelligent Community Based Spontaneous Reporting, Surveillance and Analytical Model for Evaluating Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) Risk Factors for Under-18-Months  – a Machine Learning approach

Dr. Ann Kibe

Epileptiform Prediction based on Transformer Model

Dr. Dennis Kaburu

Image Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks: Case of Pneumonia Detection

Dr. Tobias Mwalili

Decoding Functions of lncRNAs and Their Associations with Human Complex Diseases by Deep Learning

Dr. Jael Wekesa

JFY 2021/2022


Land Use Change Drivers Decision Analysis in Land Use Resource Planning for Sustainable development in Kenya

Dr. Richard Rimiru

Visualization of Data and the Semantic Content Learned by a Network- Application in Biometric Systems

Dr. Richard Rimiru

Enhanced Water Quality and Leakage Detection System: An IoT based Solution

Dr. Dennis Kaburu

JFY 2019/2020


Improving availability and access to research information in Kenya: A web-based research system for Kenya

Dr Petronilla Muthoni

An Ensemble Approach based on Numerical Weather Prediction and Random Forest for Solar Energy Forecasting: A Case study of Garissa County

Dr. Lawrence Nderu

SecureChild: Biometric recognition of children using deep learning techniques

Dr. Richard Rimiru

Spatiotemporal analysis towards sustainable urbanization in Kenya

Dr. Richard Rimiru

Maize Information Repository Project

Prof. Waweru Mwangi

Water quality, pipeline monitoring and leak detection using sensors: IoT based solution

Dr Dennis Kaburu

JFY 2018/2019


Smart Learning for Primary Schools in Kenya: Content Delivery Innovation Prototype Refinement

Muliaro Wafula

Mapping and Adaptation Strategies of Urban Climate Change Within Nairobi City, Kenya

Emmanuel Ochola Matsaba

Automation of Geo-morphometric Flash Floods Hazards Assessment Workflow

Gitundu Dennis Theuri

Smart Learning for Adult Learners within Informal Sectors in Kenya: A Case of Nairobi

Stephen Ogenga

JFY 2017/2018


Edible Insects as a Substitute for Conventional Meat in Human Diet. Use of Open data in Nutritional Profiling Models

Johnson Weru Ndungu

Smart learning tool for the Kenya computer laptop project for basic education schools in Kenya

Joseph Muliaro Wafula

A Geofenced blood donation system for sustainable disaster management

 Agnes Naliaka Mindila

Real time DHIS2 Data Integration and Operability in Kenya

Sarah Nyaruguru Waiganjo

Spurring Innovation in SMEs through Unlocking the Potential of Open Data in Kenya

Albert Mbugua Kibe

Maize farming information responsibility (MFIR) Project

Ronald Waweru Mwangi

Open Research Tools for Early Warning of Extreme Conditions and Droughts in Kenya’s Range-lands

Jane Akinyi Aduda

Improving availability and access to research data in Kenya: A web-based research system for Kenya

Petronilla Muthoni