The Innovation Centre for Bio-resources (iCB) which is domiciled in the Faculty of Agriculture, one of the oldest faculties in JKUAT will be instrumental in spearheading modern agricultural practices and innovations in Africa. The Center to work collaboratively with other centres under AFRICA–ai-JAPAN Project will actualize its mandate through capacity building, research, innovations and dissemination of research outputs to industry.

In partnership with the Innovation Centre for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (iCMoB), the Centre is to implement analytical research platform in diverse agricultural fields such as biotechnology and genetic engineering; postharvest handling as well as value addition of agricultural produce.

One of the innovations systems currently being piloted in the greenhouses under the iCB is the capillary wick irrigation system which has been successfully deployed to produce high value crops in Japan. It is billed to be a response to water deficient areas because of it design to utilize little water while allowing supply of nutrients to the within a closed system.

The Center is also hosting a number of research projects aimed at providing sustainable solutions to some pressing problems facing African farmers. iCB is equally keen to partner with both local and international research institutions in coming up with viable agricultural technologies and solutions that can be deployed to foster Africa’s food production.