Being the sub-taskforce of the Africa-ai-JAPAN Project that is involved with research and innovation activities that are a result of application and use of indigenous knowledge in Engineering, iPIC has endeavored to fulfill its obligation within the project’s scope. To succeed in this, the sub-taskforce has cascaded its activities into five key and comprehensive activities in which members have been grouped and their intended task/s, achievements and challenges are discussed in the weekly sub-taskforce meetings. Each Key Activity group has a lead member that offers leadership in their respective meetings and in execution of their tasks as well as report to the sub-taskforce meeting the progress and challenges of their undertakings.
The following are the Key Activities, members involved in them and the achievements so far:

KEY ACTIVITYMembership Activities to be UndertakenProgress/Achievements
1.Training ProgramsTeam Leader
Dr. Eng. H. Ndiritu
Dr. M. Hawi
Dr. E. Nduati
Dr. J. Maithya
• Develop Engineering based short courses to be offered at JKUAT to interested students (JKUAT and PAUSTI), interested staff and the general public.

• Collaborate with NTSA in developing a course for Motorcycle riders and Taxi drivers.

• Have long term
training for JKUAT

• Collaboration with Daikin company with plans to set up training facility on air conditioning & maintenance in JKUAT underway.

• Short term training
•  International Finance Corporation (IFC) Green Building Training Course for Universities set for rollout in JKUAT.
-Plans underway to mount the course in COETEC.
-Agreement forwarded to Linkages and Legal office for processing.

• Affordable housing course finalized and an advertisement done on the College, Engineering Workshops and Project websites.
-Targeted training being discussed with Kiambu County Government.

• 5-day module for Aluminum Fabrication short course development complete and course advertisement flier being designed.
-Resumption of training of TOT underway
-Training of trainers in additive manufacturing will be included.

• Liaison with Kenya Civil Aviation for TOT training on operation of drones.

• Proposal developed by ABED team on rice harvesting and drying mechanization; for Sanyo Inc. was approved by JICA.
-Plans are underway to develop a short course based on the proposal.

• Curriculum from Isuzu East Africa is being sort to give a guideline in developing the course for Motorcycle riders and Taxi drivers.

• Two staff Ms. Joan and Mr. Solomon in Japan for long term training.

• Graduate assistants’ policy to be presented at regular Senate.

• Several staff members set to pursue PhD. in Japan, they are: B. Oboso, D. Wambua, and I. Krop to leave for Japan in October 2021. K. Murimi and H. Guyo to leave later.
-Mr. B. Kariuki is also set to pursue his PhD. in Egypt and would be leaving in September 2021.
-Dr. Mariam Kassim is back from her JICA supported Ph.D. study in E-JUST and presented to both main task force and IPIC sub task force.

 • Short term certification course on air conditioning & maintenance suggested.

• Mechanical Engineering interns sent by government to join JKUAT for one year internship reported at the Engineering Workshops.
2.Research Activities
on STI
Team Leader
Prof. C. Kanali
Prof. G. Nyakoe
Dr. J. Mutua
• COVID 19 project on Mechanical Ventilator.

• Establish a Museum of Technology.

• Coordinate research activities funded by JICA Research Fund within the College of Engineering and Technology.
• Flagship Research Area-Sustainable Waste Management

PAUSTI Students’ Projects
• Equipment received and development of the Ventilator ongoing.

• Draft proposal is under development.

• Booklet of synopses for all funded research activities compiled and submitted to project office.

•First disbursement of funding done for all categories and accounting of the same completed.
•Second disbursement of funding received for all categories awaiting utilization and accounting.

•PAUSTI launched innovation excellence to incubate the best projects by PAUSTI students
3.Equipment Maintenance and RepairsTeam Leader
Mr. D. Omondi
Dr. P. Kihato
Dr. B. Owiti
Mr. D. Nderi
Mr. S. Kariuki
 Facilitate and monitor repair and maintenance of Scientific Equipment within the University through CeSEM.

 Equipment for flagship research.

 Develop, through indigenous knowledge and innovation, equipment for use within the University to ensure compliance of COVID-19 health protocols by the government of Kenya.

• Provision of a Server to be used by iPIC
• Scientific Equipment Repairs and maintenance ongoing and various departments have benefited from repairs of broken down University scientific equipment at CeSEM. Project office has supported the initiative through procurement of required parts for replacement and tools for use at CeSEM while JKUAT has availed staff to work.

•Quotations for flagship research equipment that were not procured in the previous financial year have been forwarded to JICA Kenya office for procurement – total of 12 equipment

•IPIC is exploring engaging KEBS to consider JKUAT as calibration center for other equipment within and outside JKUAT.
• 10-foot operated hand
washing stations have been completed and deployed to various strategic points for use within the University.

• Automatic hand washing machine – the Director, PAUSTI has approved funding for further development.

• There is a consideration to develop a hand sanitizer station.

• iCCATs has procured a server to be shared within the University but iPIC is following up on having a server at iPIC building for use with Engineering softwares.
4.Industrial LinkagesTeam Leader
Dr. Arch. D. Karanja
Dr. R. Ndeda
Dr. J. Munyalo
Mr. G. Mwangi
• Engage and plan Industry visits and come up with areas of collaboration.

• Initiate and facilitate by help of the project office, Innovation Incubation Seminars

 Develop content through video, posters and other forms of media content for publicity of iPIC activities
• Visited Top-Quality Motors and agreed on development of Spray-painting booth and other automotive related parts.
Model design for Spray-Painting Booth complete, costing finalized and presented to CEO of Top Quality Motors on 27th January, 2021. Awaiting feedback from Top Quality Motors
Top Quality Motors have put a challenge on venturing in electric cars training and research.
Subsequent meeting arranged in 3 weeks time.

• Kenya Space Agency: Funded Research Chair on Nanosatellite development. 
Progress meeting with KSA team – 3rd February 2021.

Daikin Company: Proposed Industrial Linkage with JKUAT – an MOU with JKUAT being drafted with setting up a center of excellence for air conditioning systems maintenance at JKUAT being an item of collaboration.
• A meeting set up for Daikin and iPIC sub-task force to discuss proposed collaboration.

Industrial Journal collaboration mapped out
-Draft collaboration agreement developed and is under review.
-Industrial journal to profile iPIC activities in their magazine.
-Special issue for the Industrial Journal to be launched on October 1st 2021 and iPIC to nominate a representative to the function.

•Collaboration with Association for Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK)
-APDK highlighted potential areas of collaboration with iPIC (development & assembly of wheelchairs, tri-cycles & other assistive devices; training on quality etc)
-An MoU between JKUAT and APDK sent to legal office and linkages
-APDK to be requested to present in the innovation seminar

• Collaboration between JKUAT and Isuzu East Africa complete
-iPIC members visited the Assembly plant in Nairobi on 21st July 2021.
-Isuzu East Africa made a presentation in iPIC webinar titled ‘Trends and Opportunities in the Automotive Industry’ on 3rd September 2021.
-Isuzu East Africa to give a career talk to female Engineering students on a date to be agreed on.

• Numerical Machining Complex: MoU between JKUAT and NMC renewed.

•There are engagements on upscaling of Incubation Box and the University Upscaling committee has requested for funding to facilitate this as part of commercialization.
•MOU for SATREPS to be drafted, a meeting with KENGEN and GDC held on 25th March 2021.

• Several seminars initiated and coordinated by iPIC sub-taskforce conducted where Engineering based Industry guests have made innovation presentations. More seminars on schedule.  

• A video shoot has been planned to be undertaken at the Rapid Prototyping Laboratory 2 facilitated by Dr. James Mutua.
-Video shoot for Oxygen Concentrator is also under consideration
5.Global PartnershipsTeam Leader
Dr. J. Kimotho
Dr. M. Ruthandi
Mr. B. Oboso
Ms. C. Onyango
Eng. B. Mathenge
• Collaborate with other Universities across the globe on areas of mutual interest through research, conferences/seminars and other viable activities.
• Planned online meeting with Can Tho University (Vietnam) and Nagasaki University (Japan) to enhance research collaboration opportunities

• Ongoing interaction with Technical University of Munich (Germany) through the SEED Project.

• Collaboration with Kyushu University in Japan has been upscaled and University Legal office is working on draft MOU proposal.