JKUAT SEED Centre Hosts first International Scholar

Data Collection tool used to evaluate the Community’s understanding on Renewable Energy

In an endeavor to implement the JKUAT-TUM (Technical University of Munich) international collaboration enshrined in the German Academic Exchange Service Program (DAAD), the SEED center welcomed its first international scholar from the Technical University of Munich. The collaboration, whose core purpose is “to offer higher education at the intersection of sustainable energies and entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development”, creates opportunities for the SEED center to liaise with international students in data collection, foster knowledge transfer and engage in on-site research activities.

In partnership with Mr. Joel Garland, the SEED center Kenya embarked on a data collection exercise to determine the best and suitable methods for scientific data representation. Through the use of illustrated drawings, the community’s understanding of renewable energy improved.

Mr. Joel Garland during the Data Collection exercise

The exercise targeted various demographics within the community i.e., men. women and youths as well as both the literate and illiterate community members to gauge their understanding on renewable energy concepts and their application in entrepreneurial activities.
Community members got an opportunity to interact with the comic illustration as well as share their thoughts and understanding of the SEED project. It was observed that a large number of the community members are cognizant of renewable energy and its sources and have used solar energy for lighting purposes at some point.
With the understanding of the limitations of small- scale energy wattage generated from solar lamps, the study informed the SEED team on the community’s eagerness to learn and witness on the project’s capacity to generate middle to large scale energy for both domestic and commercial uses.

Art Work Samples of the Top Three Pupils

Further to the data collection activity, the SEED project conducted an art lesson to grade three pupils at Olderkesi Primary School. The objective of the lesson was to equip the pupils with skills of how to make artistic drawings using geometric abstracts. Through the imparted skills, the pupils’ ability to depict day to day images as well as upcoming community development projects i.e., SEED project minigrid will be enhanced.
The pupils got a chance to use the provided art supplies to engage in creative drawing, which was later marked to assess their technical ability in making artistic illustrations.
The best three illustrations were identified and their respective pupils got a chance to explain their process towards developing the illustrations.

Donation of Art Supplies to Olderkesi Primary School

The SEED project also got an opportunity to donate art supplies to both grade three class teacher and the school management, with the objective of boosting the pupils’ performance particularly those under the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) education system.
The supplies constituted of A3 plain papers, crayons, marker pens, highlighting pens, water colors, pencils, rubbers, colored and white packet of black board chalks.

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