Research Mini-grid Lights Up Narok Village

Olderkesi shopping centre by night

When the sky dusked over the idyllic Olderkesi, Narok County on Friday, October 7, 2022, as the shadows got long and the night crept in, one thing was clear. It was not going to be a dark night. Not anymore.

The shop owners in the small shopping centre were not in a hurry to close, the people were not in a hurry to leave. From one shop emanated melodic Maasai tunes, serenading the cold windy night. The moon, as if on cue, had shown up in its splendor, complementing the street lights that had now taken over the shopping centre.

Earlier in the day, the Olderkesi mini-grid powerplant was officially commissioned, marking a major milestone in the journey towards providing the community with clean renewable energy, and subsequently spurring business activities.

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