Ongoing Research

Research TitleResearcherPurpose of Research
Performance Optimization of Biogas Adsorption Purifying System for Sustainable Energy Supply.Jackline Mwende MutungaPhD
Development, Distribution and Evaluation of Hand-illustrated Textless Educational Comics (HI TECs) for facilitating the acceptance of Renewable Energy Systems among Rural Communities – KenyaJoel Garland General Research
Estimating the Effect of Regenerative Agriculture Practices on the Irrigation Potential in Semi-Arid Basins. Case Study: Rural Communities of Olderkesi, Kenya. Pablo Sarmiento PhD
Exploring the Nexus between participatory Communication approaches and the Beneficiary ownership of Donor Funded Sustainable Development Projects in Rural Communities: A Case Study of the Seed Project at Olderkesi Narok County, in KenyaTobias BellehMSc
Female Founders and Incubation: Exploring changing Entrepreneurial Identities and Networks towards Professionalization – KenyaSofia AbidPhD
Effect of Entrepreneurial drivers on Sustainability of Renewable Energy Based Small Enterprises in Kenya.Harold M. MatePhD
Impact Assessment of Renewable Energy Project on Land Tenure Security, Land use Planning and Autonomy of Rural Communities – KenyaBouchra LamhamediPhD
Emergence of Renewable Sustainable Energy on the Accessibility of Renewable Energy in Kenya.Vera Onyango & Oliver BaeyensMSc
The Relationship between the Regulatory and Institutional Environment, Investment of Private Companies in Renewably Powered Mini-Grids, and the Level of Energy Access of Remote Population in Kenya.Fabian Vincent CloosMSc
Lacking and Understanding of how Renewable Energy Technology as well as Institutional factors Impact the Design of Business Models for Sustainability – KenyaAdrian Koopmann Rocha & Maximillian WimmerMSc
The Role of Meso-Level Institutions in Effectuation Practices applied by formal verses informal Entrepreneurs in Kenya. Svenja LangeMSc