The world is changing. Technology is revolutionizing almost every aspect of our lives. Companies over the world need talented people with the skills and know how to drive them into the internet economy. As a student of Cisco Networking Academy Program, you will put yourself at the forefront of this revolution.

Think of the Cisco Networking Academy Program as the biggest incubator of networking skills on the globe. Think of it as your gateway to highly paid, highly rewarding career. As the networking academy labs always contain up to-the –minute equipment, you learn on the actual equipment you will be working on in the business environment. Hone your network trouble-shooting skills as well as your critical-thinking and problem solving skills.

Course Objectives

When you become a student at Cisco Networking Academy Program, you will get hands-on experience of the networking technologies driving business today.You will be introduced to e-learning as the program uses the latest internet technology to deliver the majority of the course directly to your pc. This innovative class has many benefits. The program will qualify you to pursue a number of certifications, including the Cisco certified networking associate (CCNATM), certified networking professional(CCNPTM) and network+. CCNA is a 480 hour hour curriculum taught in semesters1-4 and is the first stepping the Cisco certification career path. You can then choose to progress to the next step of CCNA(semester5-8),leading you towards the Cisco certified internet work expert(CCIETM)the industry’s most respected certification for networking professionals
Course Requirements

A candidate must hold a K.C.S.E certificate or above to be enrolled into the Cisco program.